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CPC Ingredients specializes in cocoa derivatives. It is a highly innovative company that developed chocolate powder with authentic chocolate flavor. It have since gone on to develop extracts which have unique flavor components associated with quality cocoa and chocolate. Our emphasis on flavor research combined with many years of successful development of consumer products, enables CPC Ingredients to provide our customers with exceedingly rich flavor extracts in a variety of formats that facilitate ease of processing. The extracts can be tailor-made to contain enriched levels of polyphenols/flavenoids and/or naturally occurring theobromine and other interesting functional components.


All products are manufactured in state of the art facilities according to ISO 9001-2000 certified Quality Management systems. HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) are incorporated into the total Quality Management to ensure our products conform with the highest exacting safety and hygiene standards.


Selecting the very best raw materials (i.e. cocoa liquor and chocolate couverture) and continued process innovation to delivery the best possible product is the hallmark of what we do. We only use food grade solvents.

  We are a full service ingredient supplier, offering technical support and application services.
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