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Cocoa and Chocolate Extracts

The real natural intense flavor  

Soluble flavors

The Natural Cocoa and Chocolate Flavors developed by CPC are obtained by hydro alcoholic extraction (using only Food Grade solvents) of the soluble components from cocoa liquor and chocolate couverture using a novel process that ensures highest extraction yields. The flavor is extracted, concentrated and spray-dried into fine free flowing granules. The profile of the extract and the degree of separation is fined-tuned according to the solvent mix and process conditions to tailor-make the desired flavor profile. The density of the fine granules can also be regulated to meet the customer requirements.

Four different standard flavors have been developed for application in the food and beverage industry and for pharmaceutical products.

  • Natural cocoa extract, powder* and agglomerate*
  • Natural cocoa extract, liquid
  • Natural chocolate flavor, powder
  • Natural chocolate flavor, liquid

These materials are highly soluble, and in consumer/pharmaceutical products where solubility is a must, these ingredients are much preferred over their cocoa powder and chocolate powder counterparts.

All these ingredients contain high levels of desired natural flavor and rich in desired volatile components that are associated with quality cocoa and chocolate taste respectively. They are quite different from natural identical or synthetic cocoa and chocolate flavors and/or cocoa and chocolate “taste enhancers ” which nowhere near match the CPC product range in either quality or intensity.

*We also offer a version with 20% total polyphenols.

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